Cancer Genomics | CGx

We provide a CGx panels test for various gene markers.

A CGx Panels Test allows the provider and patient to understand if they are predisposed to acquiring cancer. These predispositions will help a physician determine if further changes should be made to a care plan in a effort to mitigate the risk of contracting those specific cancers.

The technique we utilize to anticipate how your cancer will progress and which medicines may be most successful against it is genomic testing. Sometimes it is referred to as "DNA sequencing." Instead than focusing on one gene, the test examines all of your genes.

Numerous recognized inherited cancer risk disorders have genes associated with them. It is possible to determine whether a disorder is, in fact, the outcome of an inherited syndrome by checking whether a person possesses a detrimental mutation in one of these genes. When a family member is known to carry a harmful variant, genetic testing is also performed to see if other family members who have not acquired cancer have inherited the same variant.