About Us

About us
Efficiency is our lifeline.
Founded in 2018, Guardian Testing is a medical diagnostics company providing a full suite of clinical laboratory services. Our years of experience, coupled with an intentional, boutique-like service, unlike our larger scale competitors, allows us to build an experience that drives patient and practice success. Our innovative and seasoned team consistently propels laboratory services in a direction that values your business.
Our #1 goal is to provide Best in Class service.

Some numbers about our business.

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Discount Membership with
Subsidized Pricing for Low-Income Families

Due to the discontinuation of Federal funding for uninsured Americans as of March 2022, ASG is no longer able to provide no out-of-pocket test collection services to uninsured patients. However, as of December 1, 2022, we are providing unmatched, affordable pricing to help our communities during this challenging time through our discount membership that offers subsidized pricing for approved low-income families.

Membership is free by simply registering. Once approved, the cost for qualifying members is $29.00.

To become a member, fill out the following form and provide the signed document to one of our medical technicians when getting tested.
Discount Membership with
Subsidized Pricing for Low-Income families

Our Testing Suite

We offer a variety of testing services for individuals and companies.

Covid-19 + Flu
We offer a quick an easy solution to your need for a COVID 19 test. We offer PCR, rapid antigen, and blood antibody tests. All available with same day appointments.
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We offer comprehensive drug screening and confirmation. We take great care to report your results quickly, also ensure that they are completely reliable.
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Molecular UTI + STI
PCR molecular UTI testing is the evolution of urinary tract infection testing. We look for different pathogens + a number of antibiotic resistance markers. + Added STI test.
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With over 60 years of combined laboratory experience, we are able to ensure accurate and timely results of over 50+ different hematology testing options.
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A PGX test studies how a person's genes affect how they respond to medications. Its goal is to help doctors select the drugs and doses best suited for a single person.
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Cancer Genomics
CGX panels test for various gene markers, which allow the patient to understand if they are predisposed to acquiring cancer. We look at all your genes rather than a specific one.
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